Scooter Backpack and Suitcase

Welcome to Floh´s collection of Travelling Scooter and Backpacks! We offer unique, innovative, and functional bags that provide you with the ultimate travelling experience. Our collection includes the best and only quality backpack suitcase on the market, which can help you move around with ease.

Our carry on suitcase with scooter is a perfect combination of functionality and style. It is designed to help you easily carry your carry-on luggage and ride it around whenever needed. The luggage scooter backpack is ideal for those who prefer backpacks over suitcases. It is spacious, comfortable, and has wheels that allow you to pull it behind or ride it like a scooter. We also offer a Messenger Bag Scooter, perfect for short trips and allows you to travel comfortably and fast.

At Floh, we believe in quality and durability, so we use the best materials. Our luggage scooter bags are made of high-quality material which is waterproof, light, and hard. They're designed to handle all your travel needs while ensuring you get the best comfort and convenience. If you need a durable and water-resistant bag, travel bag with scooter is the perfect choice.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, our collection of scooter luggage backpacks and suitcases has got you covered. With our innovative designs, you can move around with ease and travel in style. So, browse through our collection and find the perfect bag that suits your needs. You can save time and enjoy the journey. So, go with the Floh and make your next adventure one to remember!