The Floh is sold with 2 interchangeable bags: The package will therefore weigh a little more. But in normal use, you will either drive the Floh with the Weekender/Backpack bag which has a capacity of 18 liters or with the small Messenger bag, which is more of a briefcase. Here are the weights:

  • The Weekender/Backpack Bag with drive module combination: 5,6 kg (lbs12.35)
  • The Messenger Bag with drive module combination: 4,2 kg (lbs 9.26)
  • For your reference - here are the individual weights:
  • Weekender/Backpack Bag alone: 2,5 kg (lbs 5.5)
  • Messenger Bag alone: 1,1 kg (lbs 2.43)
  • Drive Module alone: 3,1 kg (lbs 6.83)
  • The handle of the Floh also functions as the steering and has 3 height adjustments:
  • 58 cm (22.8 inches)
  • 78 cm (29.53 inches)
  • 97 cm (38.19 inches)

Form & Function

Airports typically prohibit the use of kickscooters and skateboards inside their premises. However, Floh, uniquely blending a carry-on bag with a 3-wheeled kickscooter, operates in a distinct grey area. For over 18 years, Floh users around the world have smoothly navigated through airports without encountering any issues. In the event of being stopped, one can easily dismount, treating Floh as regular carry-on luggage, and resume the journey upon clearing the area, effortlessly gliding towards the gate.

Yes and No. The Weekender/Backpack Case alone, without the drive module and the handle squeezed down has the dimensions of 55x38x17. Lufthansa will permit 55x40x23 cm for carry-on. With the drive module attached, and the handle squeezed down the dimenstion are 61x42x21 cm. A little bigger than permitted, in order for the steering to be at a comfortable height when driven. Conclusion: If your check-in is very strict, try hide the drive module before checking in. The next generation Floh will have a triple telescopic steering that will be smaller when folded together.

Most probably yes - when attached to one of the 2 bags it comes with. There seems to be no regulation for drivable bags at airports. If someone complains, fold the drive board up and pull the bag behind you until you´re around the corner.

Yes. With German Engineering at its heart and best in quality materials like airplane-grade aluminium for the board and sturdy polycarbonate + foam for the carry-on, the Floh is both lightweight and incredibly durable.

Yes. You can easily switch between the Weekender/Backpack Bag, which is also a backpack and the smaller messenger bag. Both can be attached to the drivemodle with simple systems in seconds.

Both the Weekender/Backpack Carry-on backpack and the Messenger Bag have a dedicated laptop sleeve (up to 17”), and many compartments, to easily organize your items.

The durable airplane grade aluminium frame allows it to roll smoothly with weight up to 120 kg (264 pounds). 


Sadly not - after the pandemic prices for shipping exploding and we now offer 3 speeds of shipping. ranging from Express to Normal (4-21 days).

Typically, orders are dispatched within 72 hours.

Depending on the shipping speed you choose and where you are located between 3-21 days.

If more than days have passed please email us at info@floh.com

Returns and exchanges

Our Right to Cancel policy lasts 14 days. Which means you can return the product if you are not satisfied and we will refund your money, excluding shipping and customs.

Please refer to our Refund policy for details. 

WEIGHT: Bags are exchangable:

The Messenger Floh: 4 kg

The Weekender/Backpack Floh: 5,5 kg

Volume (Weekender/Backpack): 18 L