Carry-On Bag & Kickscooter in One

fits into most overhead compartments of airplanes

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4 possible height adjustments


Water resistant easy to use zippers

Anodized aluminium fixing ring


Latch to change bag in a flash!

Ackermann Steering - steers precisely like a car.


foot brake

Unique foot trigger to retract the board with your foot.

The first and only drivable carry-on with exchangeable bags and a unique steering system that steers like a car

100 mm racing inline skating wheels and an extra wide airplane grade aluminum board.

German engineering: super compact and proven rock solid.

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An engineering marvel. The backwheel turns 90°. This makes the Floh more compact and prevents your pants from getting dirty when you carry the Floh.


Extra wide board lets you ride with both feet next to each other and holds 120 kg

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Straps are hidden behind magnetic flaps

Stands prevent the bag from falling over when overloaded.

3 number combination lock

Uniquely transforms into a backpack in a flash: straps lie hidden under magnetic flaps .

Straps can be stowed away just as fast, so that they don´t get in the way of driving.

The Renegade has a volume of 18 liters and is great for weekends, fairs, university and longer trips.

It has a special latch to drive it half-open to easily access its contents at fairs or airport security.

The Messenger bag weighs alone less than 1 kilo and is great as a computer bag & briefcase

It has a self-losing magnetic lock and a shoulder strap as well as a magnetic stand against tipping. Kickscooters are not allowed in airports - but this briefcase is and will see you first through security and on your way.

Inside the Renegade there's plenty of space and many separate compartments:

There is room for your computer, kindle, rRemarkable, cameras, drones, harddrives even some clothes if you need.
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Padded Laptop Sleeve up to 15 inch

This retainer hook lets you drive the bag securely half open - ideal for fairs to load up on brochures or at the airport to quickly pull your computer out at security. 


Combo Pocket 

Pen Holder

Wallet / Passport / Phone

Unique Features

Ackermann Steering

The only scooter with Ackerman steering — the same technology of race cars. Other 3 wheeled scooter-bags on the market use the Chicago pivot steering system, which steers only via weight distribution. The danger here is that one pivots into oncoming pedestrians.

Exchangeable bags

The Floh is the only drivable luggage that comes with 2 bags which can be exchanged in seconds due to their proprietary clips. A Messenger bag and a larger carry-on, which can also be used as a backpack.Both bags can be taken on board of most planes.

Backwheel turns in 90°

An engineering marvel. When the board is folded up or down: the back wheel does a 90° turn. This makes the Floh more compact and prevents trousers from getting dirty. It also prevents the Floh from getting stuck in X-ray machines.

Inline skating wheels with ABEC 8 bearings

The Floh uses top of the line inline racing skating wheels with APEC 8 bearings. One push and the Floh rolls 40 to 50 meters on stone pavement. The bigger the airport, campus or fair the happier the Floh rider!



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