Travel has always been about the journey. And how it makes you feel.

Whether it’s riding the choppy open waters, steering the wheels along asphalt bends, or the skipped heartbeat at each liftoff - the means of travel may have evolved, the underlying emotions remain the same.

This is what inspired us. The desire to stop being a passenger on the journey. The need to once again experience ‘la joie de voyager’ - the joy of travelling.

With Floh, we reclaim that feeling.

While the rest continue to drag their bags, we designed transformable travel luggage that you can pilot. Making it possible for you to effortlessly scoot through airports, zip inside train stations, and steer past unsuspecting travellers.

For that’s how we envision your next journey.

Not a chore marked by cramped legroom and microwaved meals, but an occasion experienced with a glint in your eye and wind in your face.


After successful funding and launch via Kickstarter in 2012, our team has been working tirelessly to refine both the form and function of Floh.

With German engineering at its heart, the new Floh is the only transformable luggage scooter with exchangeable bags and Ackermann steering - the same technology used in high-performance race cars, offering exceptional manoeuvrability.

Inline racing wheels ensure long-distance glides of 20 to 30 meters on stone pavement with a single push.

Tested for various stress conditions, it is more durable and delivers better performance.

Roomy interior compartments provide maximum functionality and organisation. And with a compact, lightweight aluminium frame, Floh 4.0 is approved for cabin travel on most airlines.

Developing Floh took years of perseverance and commitment to get everything just right. But the wait was well worth it.


A lifelong student of film, literature and business, Gregor is passionate about travel, nature and design.

He comes from a long and illustrious lineage of great thinkers, innovators and adventurers. His grandmother held two world records for ‘the longest flight with a glider’ when female pilots were almost non-existent. His great- great-grandfather, an exceptional statesman and diplomat, founded the first welfare state in the modern world.

To his credit, Gregor has built six renewable energy plants in Germany that run on wood chips, and a hot-water supply network that lowered carbon emissions by up to 99% while saving costs.

Guided by the same pioneering legacy, and inspired by his experience during a long-haul flight with his toddler son, Gregor designed a blueprint of what was to become the first ridable luggage scooter, Floh.


FLOH is a carbon-neutral brand committed to environmental responsibility and creating a better planet for all. Through a forest conservation partnership, the carbon footprint to make each Floh product has been offset two times over.

That means, with each purchase of Floh 4.0, you’ll help reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.