Floh Messenger – Silver
January 27, 2015
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Floh Messenger – Black

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The Messenger Floh is the pinnacle of design innovation, engineering, functionality and performance, embodying our commitment to making the best possible product.

Imagine a triple concept:  Kick-scooter, messenger bag and carry-on trolley all in one.  That and much more is the Messenger Floh.

The kick-scooter part is unique in many ways:  The steering works after the principle of Ackermann** geometry, therefore very easy and stable to steer, especially in populated areas such as airports, fairs and universities.  The entire scooter can be folded and stowed away compactly by a collapsible board and a rearwheel that spins 90º on a unique double helix mechanism.  The wheels are made of Super High Rebound PU and use the best available Abec 11 high speed bearings which bring further ease and control to a professional ride experience.  There is a break under the rear wheel fender.  The extra wide steering handle has 4 height adjustment levels for kids and adults.

The soft Messenger Bag part is characterized by its ultra streamlined design, clean and modern styling details and advanced functionality.

With a padded 15″ laptop compartment, a simple, yet functional main compartment, the Messenger Floh provides exceptional versatility and organization and most of all speed-of-use. Features include numerous smaller zip pockets for accessories, an articulating shoulder strap, designed to stay comfortably in place made of  ballistic nylon with a ballistic weave-inspired pattern trim and interior lining.  The shoulder strap can be detached or fixed in a folded position by way of Fidlock’s innovative magnetic lock system to add further speed and ease to its functionality.  The messenger bag attaches to the scooter in milliseconds by way of two clamps that fold away when the messenger bag is used solely.

*Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA)

**Ackermann steering geometry is a geometric arrangement of linkages in the steering of a car or other vehicle designed to solve the problem of wheels on the inside and outside of a turn needing to trace out circles of different radius.

It was invented by the German carriage builder Georg Lankensperger in Munich in 1817, then patented by his agent in England, Rudolph Ackermann (1764–1834) in 1818 for horse-drawn carriages. Erasmus Darwin may have a prior claim as the inventor dating from 1758.

*** Ballistic Nylon: Originally developed for use in bulletproof vests, genuine American-made 1050 denier nylon is one of the toughest fabrics in the world. While some luggage manufacturers have tried to imitate this fabric, the american-made Allied Signal Fibers Tru-Ballistic 1050 denier fabric meets U.S. Military Specification #MIL-C-12369F-GL. special nylon