About Floh

The story of the Floh began on a crowded trans-Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to Hamburg when the airline attendant insisted that my two-year-old’s stroller must be  checked through to our final destination. After a gruelling ten and a half hour flight, I land in London with my very tired and cranky son.

To manoeuvre through the endless corridors, I pop him onto my wheeled carry-on, he grabs hold of the handle with his little hands and we whizz through to our connection. People smile as they see me dashing through the airport with my beaming son riding on my trolley and the idea comes to me like a flash. Later that night, I sketch the idea on a napkin and the Floh was born.

Fast forward to today, the Floh 2.0 has evolved into a sophisticated drivable carry-on bag born of love of family, passion for travel, practical engineering and chic  elegance. From a sleek trolley it transforms into a futuristic ride where the handle becomes the steering and you glide through the airports, stations, convention centers and down smooth roads everywhere across the globe.

Descending from a long line of adventurous pioneers has always inspired me to create things that never existed before.  In the 1920’s, my grandmother climbed into a fragile glider, was towed off cliffs and set two world records.  An uncle crossed the Sinai to discover the Dead Sea Scrolls and my most famous ancestor invented social security and united Germany. 

I love innovation and unique lifestyle tweaks — like the creation of an improbable office.  Every day I sit down in my work space in a thatched roof office with a crackling fire place and cellular internet in the middle of a forest, 5 km from the nearest civilization. 

Purchasing a Floh you become part of a tribe of travel gourmets and first adopters, streaking through life and airports feeling free and joyful.  My wish is for the Floh to bring you ease of movement and happiness. With the spirit of adventure and innovation, I offer you the Floh 2.0.   

Best travels, 

Gregor von Bismarck